We’ve come up with these policies to better serve you, our customer and to help keep your cost affordable and turn around times reasonable.

Repair Forms

All repairs must be attached to a Fixed Line Repair Form. We require all contact information be provided so that we can contact you with estimates, questions, updates or bill collection.


We value your privacy deeply. While we do require an email and physical address, we will never sell this information to anyone, and we promise not to inundate you with emails (to date we have never sent any marketing emails, and do not maintain an email list for those purposes.) Our website uses cookies to provide better functionality and web experience.


No warranty is expressed or implied, and our repair work may void the manufacturers warranty.


Gear submitted for repair must be clean. This is not only a courtesy to us, but our other clients as well. With waterproof breathable gear such as those made from GoreTex®, eVent®, Neoshell® or other WPB material that may need seam taping, it is particularly important that the item is clean for the seam tape to adhere correctly.

Please use a mild detergent and ad an extra rinse cycle.  

If your gear arrives to us dirty, we reserve the right to return it unrepaired, or to clean it for a cleaning fee. We will inform you that it needs to be cleaned and the related charge prior to proceeding.

Clean gear also performs better, and clean gear doesn't wreck our machines, so we appreciate your cooperation in this area greatly.


We will provide an estimate via email or in person after assessing the repair for repairs over $40. We may be able to provide a price range for phone or email inquiries, but we can’t guarantee that as it is difficult to provide estimates without seeing the item.

Repairs under $40 will not receive an estimate but will be completed as requested. An emailed invoice with delivery information will be sent upon completion of the repairs.

Abandoned gear

Gear left in our care for greater than 60 days, with no response from the customer will be considered abandoned. We will make three attempts to contact you during this period, two by email and one by phone. If we do not hear a reply, we will deal with the abandoned items at our discretion.

Unpaid invoices

Unpaid invoices will be collected through a collection agency. You trust us to repair your gear, and we operate with good faith that you will pay your invoice in a timely manner. Because we return your gear to the drop off location prior to receiving payment, we incur some risk of not getting paid for our work and materials. This only works if people pay their invoices promptly. If you need additional time or to pay in installments, we will work with you, please contact us.

Health and Safety equipment

We do not perform repairs on structural components of life safety equipment. This is for your safety and our peace of mind.

Shop hours

Our shop is currently not open to walk-ins without an appointment. This allows us to stay focused on repairing the gear. Please call 907-631-1449 if you would like to stop by.