Zippers Part 2: Zipper slider replacement

Zipper sliders are the most common part to fail on outdoor gear. From tents to jackets and packs it seams like zippers hold all our favorite outdoor gear together. They are great at what they do, but when your zipper fails, it can leave you in the cold. Fortunately there are some easy fixes to this common problem. 

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Zippers Part 1: Quick zipper field repairs

Jacket zipper not sealing properly on your sheep hunt? Many zipper problems can be fixed in the field. Most zipper problems come about quickly and really impact gear performance. Usually these problems are caused by a faulty zipper slider, the small metal chunk that slides up and down the zipper chain its self.

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Press Release

Ryan Hutchins-Cabibi

Owner operator 

 The Fixed Line LLC

PO Box 1914 Girdwood, AK 99587


The Fixed Line LLC, Alaska's premier source for outdoor gear repair, grew out of Corvus Threadworks, Girdwood’s custom outdoor gear design firm. The Fixed Line LLC will be focusing exclusively on repair services to serve our growing repair customers and all Alaskans.

The Fixed Line’s founder, Ryan Hutchins-Cabibi draws on over 20 years of professional outdoor work; teaching, guiding and ski patrolling throughout North America. The company is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional repair services to Alaskans who work and play outdoors. We offer repairs of virtually any sewn goods, as well as capabilities for seam taping Goretex® and other waterproof breathable materials. We specialize in zipper repair and replacement, and can work with you to provide the best repair for your needs. We provide services for the individual as well as businesses.

Outdoor gear is expensive and must perform well to provide the comfort and performance you expect to enjoy your outdoor adventures. The Fixed Line LLC allows Alaska consumers and outfitters to save time and money by locally repairing, rather than replacing or shipping away these expensive high performance items.

We have the equipment and know how to fix almost any outdoor gear, and we strive to stay abreast of current manufacturing techniques and trends so that we can provide the best repair possible for your needs. From professional, factory finish repairs to function over fashion fixes, we always ask what you want and need from your repair.