Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to help you spend more time out here. Read our FAQs to learn more about our process and how to get back outside quickly and cost effectively.

Our goal is to help you spend more time out here. Read our FAQs to learn more about our process and how to get back outside quickly and cost effectively.

What types of gear do you repair?

We focus on repairing outdoor gear and equipment. Specifically waterproof outerwear, backpacks, tents, puffy layers, seam taping and that sort of thing. We do a lot of zipper repairs and replacements. We can fix some XC ski boots, leather items and some luggage. 

We do not do repairs to climbing harness components that are part of the life safety function. At this time we do not re-sling cams.  

Please don't hesitate to ask if we can repair your item. If we can't, we may know who can.

  • How does this all work?

  1. Print out a repair form and fill it out. Please be sure to include an email address, as we send estimates and invoices via email.

  2. Drop your gear & repair form at one of our approved locations, or send it to us by USPS.

  3. We pick up repair requests from approved drop off locations once a week (usually Friday).

  4. You will receive an email estimate of cost and timeframe for repairs over $40, including any repair options. (Repairs under $40 will be completed w/o estimate unless requested)

  5. You approve the repairs.

  6. We fix your stuff!

  7. Once the repairs are complete, we email you an invoice that you can pay securely online.

  8. We return your gear to the drop off location.

  9. You go on more adventures!

  • How much will it cost to fix (insert repair item here)?

Each repair is unique and there are often a few options available to achieve a repair that meets your desired outcome. Because of this, we provide estimates once we have seen the item. We can provide options and the pros and cons, as well as prices so that you get the best repair for your needs at a fair price. We understand that some repairs may be estimated at more than what you value the gear for, and we can suggest different options to reduce the cost, when available.

  • Can you just give me your best estimate right now?

Sure, but it may change once we see the problem, and it will likely come as a wide range. We really need to see the item to provide an accurate estimate. Our estimates are generally very accurate, though occasionally we complete a repair below the estimated cost (Yipee!). If the repair will go over the estimate by more than $20, we contact you to make sure that is ok. 

  • How long will it be before my repair is complete?

Good question. Repair turn around depends on the type of repair and our current work load. Repair times in the summer average about one week. In the winter, our repair work is balanced with Professional Ski Patrol work and our turn around times increase. Some times we need to order special materials or work with a manufacturer to get parts, which adds time. Some repairs can be done while you wait. Custom alterations take longer. It really depends on the nature of the repair and how much work is already in the shop.

  • Can I just drop something by your shop?

Maybe. We are available in the summer Monday-Thursday by appointment. In the winter we are available by appointment only. Our ability to meet with you is dictated by the repairs we are working on. We offer convenient drop off and pick up locations in Girdwood and Anchorage so you can drop your repairs off during regular business hours at you convenience.

  • My gear is dirty, will you repair it that way?

Gear submitted for repair must be clean. This is not only a courtesy to us, but our other clients as well. With waterproof breathable gear such as those made from GoreTex®, eVent®, Neoshell® or other WPB material that may need seam taping, it is particularly important that the item is clean for the seam tape to adhere correctly.  

If your gear arrives to us dirty, we reserve the right to return it unrepaired, or to clean it for a cleaning fee. We will inform you that it needs to be cleaned and the related charge prior to proceeding.

Clean gear also performs better, and clean gear doesn't wreck our machines, so we appreciate your cooperation in this area greatly.

  • I'm a commercial outfitter or guide service, can you fix my gear when my season starts up?

We strongly recommend that you repair your gear at the end of your operating season, this ensures that it will be ready for the next season in good working order. Due to the volume of repairs that are often needed by outfitters and guides, doing them in the off season also allows us to provide consistent repairs across multiple items, reduces overall labor time (cost) and assures that your organization's the gear it needs on hand when it is needed. We can certainly repair gear during your operating season, as we understand that things break at inopportune times and are needed for operations, but you'll save money by coordinating repairs in your off season.

  • How do I pay for my repairs?

You'll pay securely online through the invoice we email to you when your repair is complete.

  • How should I prepare my backpack for repair?

You will save money on your repair by removing any frame components and suspension parts that are removable. Avalanche air bag packs must have the airbag and canister removed whenever possible. If these parts are not removed, it simply adds to the labor required to repair your pack. We are happy to remove frame parts and reinstall, and we will remove air bags prior to any work if possible, however you will be billed for the time.

We will reinstall the airbag but you MUST check the installation.  

Please clean your back pack, many can be easily washed once frame pieces have been removed.

  • How do I clean a backpack?

Remove any caked on dirt or mud or blood (talking to you hunters!) using a stiff brush, old toothbrush or hospital surgical scrub brush. Next, remove the frame and any removable suspension parts, you can use a small amount of  soap of about any sort (we like Dr. Bronners) and hand wash in the tub or shower. Try to wash the shoulder straps and waist belt as well, as these areas absorb a ton of sweat in general use. Hang to dry. If you want, you can apply a DWR treatment after washing, which will help water to bead on the pack surface.

  • Do you replace broken tent poles?

We do not carry replacement tent poles in stock. We recommend contacting Tent Pole Technologies for your tent pole replacement needs.

  • Can you alter a wedding dress or other more formal clothes?

We specialize in outdoor gear and clothing. You will be better served having a seamstress or tailor perform alterations on your formal wear. We will do simple hemming and patching of casual clothing, and we are happy to provide alterations on technical outdoor gear. Wedding dresses just aren't our thing.


Have a question that didn't get answered here? Contact us and we'll get back to you with an answer to your question.